by Removalist

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Removalist is:

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released March 4, 2013

Recorded live at Broken House by Matt Faisandier (27/03/13). Mixed/Mastered/Engineered by Matt Faisandier.



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Removalist Melbourne, Australia

5 piece blackened hardcore band from Melbourne, Australia.

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Track Name: So it Goes
Give me a fucking sign
Screamed the hopeful at the sky
Cause we’re all sick and starving
And we’re all gona die

The sky responds with silence
Just like it always does
And so I’m told it goes
And so it fucking goes

The clouds are growing darker
Factories pouring smoke
But it’s in the name of progress
So it’s heresy to oppose

Our lives are getting worse
It’s hard a thing to ignore
But your delusion is well practiced
And built to outlive us all

You’ll still never understand, gods fucking sense of humor

What do you really know
And what really matters when you chose to ignore it
Denial’s an easy card to play

Hope fails

Give me a fucking sign
Screamed the hopeless at the sky
Cause we’re all fucking dying
And we’ve lost the will to try

The sky responds with silence
Just like it always has
And so I’m told it goes
And so it fucking goes

Don’t wait for unseen hands to fix your fucking problems
Weak minds serve no purpose
Track Name: Worthless Lives
Running in circles and ending up nowhere
Fucking my life up but what do I care?
It’s not like I’m thankful for my existence
Or that I ever asked to be here.
Another day goes down the drain
Another dollar I’ll never see
Another look down the barrel
Seems I’ll be dead before I’m happy

Wasted fucking time
Worthless fucking life

When it’s hard to keep my head up, I’d rather fucking drown
When this shit gets hard to swallow, I’ll fucking spit it out

Worthless fucking life
Track Name: The He-Goat
I was born feet first into the he-goat’s hands
Eyes closed and screaming and drowning in dread
Let me lift that weight from your shoulders
I’ll lead you to water and make sure that you drown

You’ll die alone I swear

Now that I’m older the world’s looking brighter
I’ve got some prospects and ideals and such
As for a purpose? Well I’m told that that’s coming
And keep being promised that enough is enough

But I can’t shake this fucking sinking feeling
That the shadow I cast is no different from any of yours

I’d give anything to make it all stop
I’d give anything to take it back
Show me the dotted line
I want the easy way out
Track Name: Standardised Mental Health
Spoke to my doctor
And among other things
Mentioned I can’t escape the smell of rotting flesh

He looked nervous
Said that this was odd
Prescribed some more pills and advised I take them all

No eye contact
You all look away
You know what’s going on but I’m beyond all help

So as the paint starts to chip away, it’s all just fucking weight
I’ve got to hold myself up these days
I’ve got to hold myself up

You all know I’m dying
Look worse every day
Rotting from the inside out

You know I need help
But you can’t take that risk
No one can acknowledge that this is real

So as the paint starts to chip away, it’s all just fucking weight
I can’t hold myself up these days
I can’t hold myself up

I know your game, I’ve been there too, and nothing fucks you worse than truth
But I’ll swear to any fucking god that you’re not in this by yourself
Look around and tell me that you haven’t seen the signs

Our lives are fucked, we know its true, we’ve seen the horrors on the news
We’ve seen the kids with bloated stomachs, trash islands and epidemics
Still, no one tries

I hate myself but that ends now, I’ve got something to scream about
I’ll fucking die before I give up and trade my morals for convenience
Track Name: Acceptance
You’ve seen the world
Now you’re at a crossroads and your choices are slim
Repression and hiding or misery and fighting
These days it’s hard just to fucking live

Everything you’ve believed in has let you down, holding on like there’s some way out

Hope leaves a bad taste
Hope leaves a bad fucking taste

But still we try
To make a life
In a world we never wanted
And that never wanted us

I’ve carried this weight in my chest but now my demons have a face
Now I’m chasing them

I’m done with your institution
All your gods and traditions
My life is mine, it’s time I take it back

Bring me your tired and wretched souls and I’ll give you somewhere to throw those bones, I don’t have all the answers but I’ve got some bad feelings
There’ll be blood on some fucking doors tonight, but these worst born sons and daughters ain’t going easy.